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Ohio State’s Path to the Playoff

COLUMBUS – This past Tuesday the College Football world got a taste for what lies in store this season for the fate of their college teams. For Ohio State it was ranked 10th behind Kentucky and in front of Florida.

At first glance the loss to Purdue seems like the end of the road for Ohio States playoff chances but the numbers don’t even matter this early for Ohio State. The only thing that will matter is the fact that if they win out or they don’t. The loss against Purdue was a very bad, Ohio State was left exposed in all phases of the game. On offense the lack of creative play calling was on full display, the Bubble Screen is this year’s version of the JT Barrett QB Draw. The passing game wasn’t the only thing that was lacking, the run game was literally nonexistent. Out of the 546 total yards the buckeyes had only 76 of them were rushing yards. For having two of the best running backs in college football 76 rushing yards is completely unacceptable. If Ohio State is going to turn the season around Urban Meyer needs to plug the holes in the sinking ship.

It’s very simple, they win they’re in, if not well better luck next year. As it stands right now Ohio State has two big road wins Against TCU and Penn State, two wins that the committee has said to take note of, along with this the Buckeyes have a trip to East Lansing and visit from the 5th rank Team Up North, these two wins will beef up Ohio States resume. Of course there are actual numbers that will play a fact in our playoff hopes. If Alabama were to lose LSU this weekend that could surely open up the committee to putting in two SEC teams. Another factor could be if Michigan starts losing badly that could weaken the resume.

The last month of the season is what makes or breaks a team, it truly separates the contenders from the pretenders. Ohio State still has a lot of season left to go with more storylines in college football to be written. As it stands right now Ohio State controls their own destiny by about 80%.

All that matters is that they win.

The full College Football Playoff rankings released on Tuesday night are below.

  1. Alabama

  2. Clemson

  3. LSU

  4. Notre Dame

  5. Michigan

  6. Georgia

  7. Oklahoma

  8. Washington State

  9. Kentucky

  10. Ohio State

  11. Florida

  12. UCF

  13. West Virginia

  14. Penn State

  15. Utah

  16. Iowa

  17. Texas

  18. Mississippi State

  19. Syracuse

  20. Texas A&M

  21. North Carolina State

  22. Boston College

  23. Fresno State

  24. Iowa State

  25. Virginia

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