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Welcome to the 2018-2019 SGSR Year

Hello everyone,

My name is Dylan Tyrer and I will serve as the 2018-2019 president for Scarlet and Gray Sports Radio, the student home of the Buckeyes.

After a solid year in which SGSR added a large catalogue of podcasts to its queue, I'd like to set the stage for what is to come this year.

First off, we plan to add even more podcasts and live shows to our schedule. We will also be beefing up our live broadcasts of OSU athletics, which I will get to later. Additionally, we will feature a blog, which I am happy to announce opened up today with this post ;).

First and foremost, we are here to help students who are interested in a career in media. If you're not, and simply want to talk sports with guys and girls who share the same passion as you, we welcome that too. We are open to any and all OSU students who would like to have a hand in what we are doing, whether it be through announcing live games, hosting a live show or podcast, producing or blogging.

Please, if you are interested, email us or DM us on Twitter @SGSR_OSU. Seriously, we are open to absolutely anything.

As for bulking up our broadcasts, I am personally seeing to it that we put out the best-produced live content we ever have. Our equipment is up to date, our recording studio is remodeled and we have all the technology in place to create a comfortable listening experience for OSU football, basketball, baseball, hockey and so much more. We call everything.

As for football, we will now include a 15 or so minute pregame show that will air before every game. We have been inconsistent with timing in the past, as game days can be hectic for us, but the plan is in place for us to be on the air an hour before every game with music leading up to the pregame show, which will air around 20 minutes before kick. That way we can give our listeners a time and place to be (search scarlet and gray sports radio on, or follow the link on our website or Twitter) every week before kickoff.

Long story short, I want to be able to provide our members the best chance to gain valuable on-air and writing experience, while also producing valuable, engaging and quality content for our consumers. Sounds easy, but there's a lot that goes into it for college kids working on a bunch of other things, like earning a degree, that muddy the waters.

Thanks much and I hope you enjoy our content throughout the year.

Oh yeah, Go Bucks.

- Dylan

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